Handheld History: A Virtual Exhibition of Fashion Fans from Across the Globe
The Henderson Line
early 1920s
Object Details:
Small Hand Fan, Early 20th Century
Made in Cincinnati, Ohio
Paper, Wood, and Metal
This is a small, fixed hand fan that doubles as a bridge tally card with a balloon-shaped paper leaf and green, wooden handle. Front of leaf features a colorful and whimsical Art Nouveau-style print on a black ground of a woman with short, red hair wearing a peach and lavender cloche hat, a white, collared jacket with embellished shoulders, and black gloves. She is holding pink, red and purple flowers with a butterfly perched on top and she is facing another butterfly hovering in front of her. On reverse of the leaf is a partially filled in bridge card game tally sheet with spaces for name, table no., couple no., game scores and total.
Donated by Caroline Moller '57. This fan is part of a collection started by Donor's Grandmother, Fannie Parker Mallory Hemingway (July 10th, 1864- January 26th, 1948).
A ladies' bridge game in 1931in Asbury Park, N.J. AMERICAN CONTRACT BRIDGE LEAGUE
A ladies' bridge game in 1931in Asbury Park, N.J. AMERICAN CONTRACT BRIDGE LEAGUE
Cultural Connections:
Bridge was a popular pastime during the early 20th century. Whether an organized tournament or a friendly match, this game promoted social competition and an opportunity to bond. As women's clubs began gaining in popularity, well dressed players gathered around tables requiring the tools of the game as displayed from the Lasell Fashion Collection's fixed fan. The Henderson Line of Cincinnati was a major producer of whimsical bridge tally's ranging from Art Nouveau to Art Deco styles. Imagine a hand fan designed to double as a bridge tally card where one can keep score as well as stay cool during a match.
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