Handheld History: A Virtual Exhibition of Fashion Fans from Across the Globe
Object Details:
Foldaway Fashion Hand Fan, 1960s
Made in Hong Kong
Paper and Metal
This is a Cockade "Foldaway Fan" hand fan. It has double-sided black paper with a circular leaf with pink printed peonies and green foliage with narrow blue and white border around edge of the leaf. Ends of the leaf are adhered to upper portions of gold tone metal handle which are hinged below the leaf. The handle acts as a self-case when the fan is closed. It has a small clasp near hinges to secure fan open or closed, a hinge at the bottom, and has embossed dragons embellishing the front and back of handle. The fan can be closed by unclasping the handle, pulling the fan out horizontally at the hinges, flattening the leaf, then dropping the metal pieces holding the leaf down into the handle cavity, and closing the sides of the handle with the leaf inside and securing the clasp.
This fan was donated by Caroline Moller '57. This fan had belonged to the donor's Aunt, Marion Fairchild Mayberry who collected fans while traveling with her husband.

Captain's Bar, circa 1960s, at the Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong
Cultural Connections:
The Mandarin Oriental Hotel opened in 1963, and at the time was the tallest building in Hong Kong. The cost to construct this luxury resort was 55,000,000 and the first to offer televisions in the bedrooms and phones in the bathrooms. The Mandarin Oriental Hotel also became a fashionable hub for guests to display their finery. Hong Kong experienced an economic boom in the 1960's drawing an international public seeking business opportunity while rapidly expanding the manufacturing of textiles, plastics, fancy goods and toys.
The Hong Kong stamped purse hand fan, from the Lasell Fashion Collection, is typical of styles produced overseas and sold in the US marketplace as a novelty item.

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